​Your products’ label should do the talking for you, acting as the perfect icebreaker for your message. By picking the right design and keeping an eye out for the details, your product can communicate your values while it’s sitting on the shelf. Here are some key things to keep an eye out for when designing or selecting a label.

Clear Messaging

​Busy store shelves that are crowded with options can have the effect of drowning out your product. That why it’s important to make sure that your label clearly defines what your product is and what it does. Clear and legible branding is the easiest way to make sure your consumers notice your merchandise, and remember who you are.

Font Style

​Font is a good example of a way that you can get creative with your messaging. You can choose fonts that reflect what the product does, like using minimalistic fonts for products that are used for cleaning. Try not to get too fancy with your choices though, it’s important that the information is clear and easy to read.

Competitor Analysis

​One technique to label design is paying attention to how your competitors have chosen to present their products. You can decide to stand out from the pack with original labeling, or you can stick to tried and true styles. As long as the design is consistent and true to your brand you can make sure that no one will gloss over your items for someone else’s.

White Space Use

Keeping the design clean and simple is a great opportunity to use white space efficiently. If you are providing a product that has simplicity as a value this can be reflected with packaging that uses white space to create a focus upon the key details of your product. Many beauty and health companies use this technique efficiently and recently it’s even been moving over into market segments like nutrition and medicine.


​Colors can be very meaningful, and the colors you choose can impact how people feel about you brand. For example, if your product label is red or orange it typically conveys an energetic feeling and a vibe that says excitement. Blues, browns and greens can emphasize holistic values.

Label Type

​Make sure that your label fits the size and the texture of the container. If it is an attractive item, like honey, you could make the label smaller to enhance the natural appearance of the product. If you want to cover up a less appealing looking item you can use label size to your advantage. Match the sizes and shapes in ways that make sense to your brand image.


​Quality is important for all aspects of your product, including the label. If your items will be shipped or stored in heat sensitive environments pay attention to the types of materials that go into your labels so that fading, peeling or cracking does not occur. Also nice to note, it’s possible that people may want to reuse your product container for reuse later so you could try to get labels that are easier to remove.

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