“best by” or “sell by” Doesn’t Equate to Spoiled Food

There’s been quite a bit of conversation about food waste this summer. As a way of clearing up some common questions about date labels on food packages, let’s look at what they actually mean. When browsing the shelves in a grocery store you’ll notice 4 main types of date codes on products. Each of these […]

Matthews’ VIAjet V-Series

MATTHEWS’ NEW DROP-ON-DEMAND (DOD) VALVE TECHNOLOGY MARKING SYSTEM AUTOMATES TRACEABILITY, EASILY CONTROLS MULTIPLE PRODUCTION LINES VIAjet(TM) V-Series is ideal for industrial ink jet marking applications. Pittsburgh, PA, – Matthews Marking Systems, a leading manufacturer of marking and coding products, announces a new large character drop-on-demand (DOD) marking system specifically designed for challenging industrial applications. The […]

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