Videojet Unicorn® II large character printer provides single or dual line coding

The Videojet Unicorn® II large character inkjet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. is a complete, all-inclusive printing system for reliable and cost-effective single or dual line coding on secondary packaging, such as corrugated boxes and cases. FAlsoPre-loaded, selectable languages and printable characters increase flexibility and improve operator efficiencies by making it easy for operators to […]

Why do we need food labels anyway?

Food labels are important, more than for providing us with some in-store entertainment while standing at the checkout line. They help us determine that our foods contain what they say they do, and don’t contain the stuff that we don’t want. Seems pretty basic to us now, but back in the day the food industry […]

Videojet 9550 – A Revolution in Print and Apply Labeling

SSI Packaging Group is proud to announce that one of our preferred vendors, Videojet, has released the 9550 Print & Apply Labeling System for secondary packaging. The 9550 is design to eliminate mechanical adjustments, wear parts and failure points in everyday operations. Using the Intelligent Motion™ technology, the system is automatically and precisely controlled. The […]

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