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    Choosing the Best Digital Laser Printing Online Options for Your Company’s Needs

    At SSI Packaging, our team can provide digital laser printing online for many customers and situations. However, knowing which options make the most sense for you can be challenging. Thankfully, we can help you choose your printing option by guiding you through each selection step. This way, you can select the printing you need and avoid spending excess money.

    The Printing Method

    When choosing digital laser printing online from SSI Packaging, there are many different methods from which you can choose. We work carefully to provide our customers with the high-quality experience that they both want and deserve. Just a few options to consider here include:

    • Personalized Variable Data Printing: This option (VDP) lets you create more personalized and individual printing options that can suit your specific needs. It is excellent for residential customers or small businesses needing compact and effective advertising options.
    • Print On Demand: Print on demand is a popular option that lets you get high-quality printing whenever you need it. Our team will help you set up the project and make it easier to choose your output, streamlining this service and ensuring your satisfaction.
    • Short- and Long-Run Printing: No matter how long your printing run, our team can help you schedule your project. We can handle short-run projects that need almost immediate turnaround times or long-run projects for extended advertising projects.
    • Fast-Speed Printing: Our team can potentially complete your printing order in an afternoon if we have enough planning and execution time. We’ll do what we can to make sure that you are satisfied with your order, including using our fastest and most accurate digital printers.

    Our team will also help you pick digital printing inks (like cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, as well as orange, green, and blue options. We can also pick strong printing stock, such as cardstock, heavyweight papers, folding cartons, fabrics, and even plastic or synthetic options.

    The Printing Font

    Our digital laser printing online team can also help you choose the font that makes the most sense for your printing project. We have many options available at SSI Packaging, each of which works in different situations. Just a few options that you can consider here include:

    • Serif: This font uses small flourishes on the letters that make them look a bit like handwriting. This option is great when printing advertisements for home-based businesses and also works well when printing various types of scripts for your projects. Sans-Serif fonts eliminate those flourishes for a cleaner style. They produce a cleaner and easier-to-read variation.
    • Script: Script fonts look a lot like cursive writing and create extensive and complex printing styles. It isn’t always a great option for clear and easy-to-read marketing tools. However, some printing jobs may need a script font for things like books, pamphlets, or other hand-held papers. Script fonts may also work well for fancier-looking advertisements and marketing tools.
    • Display: Display fonts are very popular because they are often highly artistic and stylized but easy to read compared to the more detailed script fonts. However, they don’t work well for large blocks of text because they can become too small to read easily. They are probably better for headers or titles on advertisements, as they can help grab the eye and make an ad easier to read.

    Popular options that may suit your needs include options like Garamond, Palantino, Zcaslon, Minion Pro, Merriweather, Helvetica Neue, Myriad, Open Sans, and Roboto. Make sure that you work with us to get the digital laser printing online font that makes the most sense for you.

    The Printing Size

    There are many different digital laser printing online sizing options that you can consider when working with us at SSI Packaging. Our team will set you up with the best digital printer for your needs and will work hard to ensure that you get the best results. These printing options include:

    • Small Character Digital Printing: This process uses small but accurate characters to create detailed advertising items for your project. The printing project size can also vary depending on the scope of your marketing items, including whether you have mailers or posters or other smaller types of marketing tools.
    • Medium Character Digital Printing: An upgrade from small character digital printing, this method focuses on larger, but not extensive, characters. It is often a good balance for people who need a high-quality printing job but don’t want to spend too much on a larger character type more appropriate for extensive ads.
    • Large Character Digital Printing: Large characters are a great option for more extensive advertising methods. The size available can vary from a few feet to over a dozen, depending on the scale of your project and how you plan on using it for your marketing or advertising needs.
    • High-Resolution Digital Print: While printing is available in many resolution options, high-resolution is probably the most effective and popular. It creates very accurate and easy-to-read printing projects that show a higher level of professionalism and care compared to other printing teams that you might find operating online.

    We can also help you if your project needs multiple printing sizes, such as if you are creating pamphlets and large-scale banner ads for your marketing scheme. No matter what your choice is here, we can help you find the best and most effective way of printing your materials to suit your budget and your overall marketing demands.

    We’re Here to Help

    At SSI Packaging, our team can help you find the digital laser printing online that makes the most sense for you. We’ll gauge your specific project needs, examine your project scope, work with you to plan every step of your printing, and provide you with the help needed to get the project you deserve. Our team is always ready to work with new customers and can adapt to just about any printing need.

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