​Typically when it becomes time to ship an item you are faced with a variety of considerations. You need to think about the size of your item, the distance it will go, how much it weighs and how it is shaped. These factors can help you determine what kind of container to ship your item in and the materials it should be made from. When faced with these choices you can decide between boxes and mailers. The intricacies between these two options are broken down in this post.

Corrugated Boxes

To ship bigger, bulkier items corrugated boxes are recommended because they are designed to protect items from bursting, crushing or puncturing the boxes when in transit. Corrugated cardboard boxes are strong and lightweight, made from layers of Kraft paper, a type of paper that was designed to be resistant to damage. Kraft paper is commonly made out of pine that has been pulped and processed. There is also a type of paper that is often used for the process called Test paper. Test paper is resilient yet has been made from recycled materials is also a reliable and sometimes less expensive option. Either types of this strong paper is processed in a facility and then crimped on a giant machine called a corrugator.

​For the typical corrugated box that is single wall, two layers of flat paper sandwich between them one layer of paper that has been crimped. When purchasing corrugated cardboard boxes generally this will be the most widely available option that you will see, however there do exist two other types of corrugated cardboard that have been designed with varying levels of strength in mind. Double wall corrugated cardboard consists of two pieces of crimped paper, which are glued together by one ply of non-fluted (or, not-crimped) paper or cardboard. The exposed outer surfaced are then covered with one piece of paper respectively. If the items that you chose to ship are especially heavy and you think they would need extra reinforcement, triple wall cardboard is the best solution. Triple wall corrugated cardboard is similar in its construction to double wall cardboard, with three plies of fluted paper instead of two. These layers of paper are held together by two pieces of paper or cardboard, and the outer surfaces are each covered with one ply of paper or cardboard. This extra layer provides additional support, perfect for large and bulky items.

box layer


If your items are small and lightweight, resilient to shipment and are of varying degrees of fragility you can choose to ship with mailers. Bubble mailers are envelopes that are made from protective bubble wrap, and are designed to cushion and protect your items from damage during transit. In a similar vein, padded mailers are paper envelopes that include a layer of padding on the inside, so that they can lessen the impact of rough transport. Both of these types of mailers are efficient in protecting your items, however oftentimes you can find padded mailers made from recycled materials, which could be a benefit to your business if you are seeking ways to be more eco-friendly. Poly mailers are flat mailers made from durable polyethylene film, which means they are moisture resistant and lightweight. They are a great choice for e-commerce sellers because of their lower price point, small size and durability. Paper mailers are also lightweight, and are often made from renewable materials and are able to be recycled post shipment. However paper mailers are not weatherproof and can be a little bit more expensive than poly mailers, which tend to be cheaper because they are easier to produce. Finally, if you find yourself shipping items that need to retain their shape during shipment like photos or diplomas, your best possibility is flat mailers because they are rigid and retain their shape during shipping.


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