Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions we commonly get about the way SSI Packaging operates. Don’t see your question here? Please feel free to contact us directly.

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General FAQ

Do you have a minimum dollar order?

No! Items only need to be ordered in their sellable units such as one bundle or one case.

Can I add my purchase order number to my packaging web site order?

Yes. At checkout you have an option of adding your purchase order number to your order.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and also offer credit terms for approved accounts. Contact us for a credit application.

How will my order ship?

Your order will ship in the most economical way available based upon what you have purchased and your location. that we can ship with most carriers’ freight collect to help control your freight cost.

Are my purchases subject to sales tax?

Applicable taxes will be charged on your full purchase unless we have a tax certificate on file. If you have a tax form on file with us you will not be charged tax on any of your purchases unless at checkout you change the tax status of the item to yes.

Is your website secure?

Yes! Order in confidence! We use Veri-Sign 128 bit encryption security and also subscribe to McAfee Secure. To maintain security to your account, never share your password with anyone and make sure to log out of our site and close browser on shared terminals.

Why buy for SSI Packaging

We have been a regional company since 1967 and are growing with the needs of our customers. When you call our main office, you get a live voice and not just a recording to help you with your needs. Our product specialist are placed strategic throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast to more effectively help customers.

How do I choose the right sized shipping box?

Measure your product length, width, and height for the right size box. Make sure items are tight in the box and if fragile decide how much room you need for cushioning and/or void fill in need to protect your product. Then keep in mind that most package carriers today charge by the weight plus the length, width, and height of the package.

What is the difference between a single wall box and a double wall box?

A single wall box is most commonly used. It consists of three layers of paper that are glued together using starch to create one single, sturdy sheet. This is most commonly used for corrugated shipping boxes.

What is the best packaging tape to seal a box?

Pressure sensitive tape is quick and easy to use. Just remember to apply pressure to the tape to make it stick.

Water-Activated Tape (WAT) is the best possible seal in closing a box. That is why most internet retailers are using this tape today. Water-Activated Tape requires a machine to apply water to the bottom of the tape to activate the adhesive.

What is DIM Weight?

DIM Weight stands for dimensional weight. Most package carriers multiply length X width X height to get DIM weight. Most carriers calculate shipping charges using whatever is greater, the shipping actual weight or DIM weight.

Why DIM Weight? Most delivery trucks are limited for space. Even if you have a lightweight item in a large box it is taken up space.

Using the right size box or mailer helps keep shipping cost down.

What is the difference between Stretch Film vs Shrink Film?

Stretch film is used for load containment. The film is stretched around the product to hold items together or mostly used in holding any items on a pallet or skid to keep the shipment intact until it is delivered.

Shrink film most have heat applied to hold product together or to eliminate tampering of product.

Is printing a box on the production line the right thing to do?

In most cases, yes. Many customers use the same size box to package different items. Printing the box directly on the production line allows you to “Brand on Demand”. This helps lower the number of SKU’s of the same size box in the warehouse and if one thing changes of the preprinted box it lowers the waste or cost of recycling.

What is inkjet printing?

This is a non-contact printing directly onto a product or packaging materials.

What is the difference between Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) and Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ)?

A CIJ printer uses pumps, pressure to keep the ink circulating, and charges small drops of ink to create a character to print on your product.

A TIJ printer uses a cartridge based system that has the printhead built directly into the cartridge (like your desktop printer) so when you replace the cartridge you are also replacing the printhead.

How is printing barcodes for traceability helpful?

Barcodes are used today to be able to track product and it flows through the supply chain until it reaches the consumer.

Does SSI handle RFID labels/tags?

Yes. We have many different solutions when it comes to RFID. Our labeling systems work well with RFID labels as well.