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If you’re like most online business owners, you’ve probably put a lot of time into things which will attract visitors, and convert them into paying customers. You may have spent far less time, though, on the experience that unfolds after you’ve made the sale. It’s important to remember that your customer experience continues right up to the moment the product is in the buyer’s hands, and even afterwards. Creating an amazing unboxing experience can help serve as an extension of everything else you’ve done up to this point, and create die-hard brand loyalty that gets people talking.

The benefits of making a great unboxing experience

There are tons of reasons to hone and perfect your company’s unboxing experience. The biggest include:

  • It sets you apart from the rest. Creating an exceptional unboxing experience can help you stand out in an increasingly-crowded marketplace
  • It increases your word-of-mouth. There are over 1.9 million posts on Instagram with the #unboxing hashtag, and just as many YouTube and TikTok videos. . If your product is featured in an unboxing video, you will have successfully reaped free user-generated advertising.
  • It serves as an extension of your brand. If sustainability is part of your brand values, this is where you want to show it off. If your brand image is “sturdy” “sleek” “luxury” or “playful,” it can be reflected in your packaging, too.
  • It forges a deeper connection between you and your customers. A great unboxing experience can provoke a powerful emotional reaction—a good one—in association with your brand. That means more repeat customers and more brand loyalty.
  • It increases your perceived product value. Items that come in great packaging with time and attention to detail increases the perceived value of your products, regardless of their actual price.

Creating a great unboxing experience, step-by-step

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of having a great unboxing experience, let’s dive in to the nitty-gritty of actually doing it. 

Step 1: Consider your branding

The first thing you’ll want to do is consider the overall brand image you’re trying to convey. This will hinge greatly on your target customer and their wants and needs. If, for instance, your product is for “girly-girls” who like being pampered, glitter and sparkles might be in order. If you’re selling, say, beard care products for rugged types, you might try to incorporate thick or rough-woven materials. Try writing down some aspects of your brand personality—like “warm,” “friendly,” or “strong,” and think of corresponding packaging materials and contents that could help reflect those characteristics.

Step 2: Make it personal

There are many ways to do this. One of the easiest and most popular ways, especially for Etsy sellers, is to include a handwritten note. This is a great way to build a more personal relationship with your customers. It also subtly reminds them that this purchase has helped an small, independent seller or artist.

You can also personalize your packaging itself by making it branded. For instance, your logo could be printed onto the box, the tissue paper inside the package, and a variety of other packaging materials. If you need help getting started, look at some other companies with great packaging, and take note of what you like and dislike.

Step 3: Include some goodies

Have you ever stayed at a fancy hotel and received a piece of chocolate on your pillow after the room was cleaned? It’s that sort of detail that makes the stay all the better and more memorable. Including an unexpected gift in your package can add to the delight and surprise of the whole experience. However, note that it’s important to give a true gift. A coupon or discount isn’t really a gift for your customer; it’s a promotional tool for you. A sticker, piece of candy, button, or other tiny surprise will go much further in creating the delight and joy that will have customers talking.

Step 4: Remember the fundamentals

Few things are as disappointing as opening a box and finding that your much-anticipated item has broken during transport. Remember that the primary goal is ensuring your product arrives in one piece! Using quality, strong-walled cardboard and adequate cushioning materials can ensure your customers stay happy. Resist the urge to use the cheapest packaging materials you can find—your business will pay for it in the long run.

Step 5: Minimize the clean-up

In order to help create an experience that your customers and enjoy and want to repeat, try to use materials that don’t make a big, annoying mess. Many customers hate fishing through a well of packing peanuts to find their items, and no one wants to fetch a vacuum to get clean up tiny bits of Styrofoam. If your products are for pet owners, or parents with young children, take those customers’ needs into consideration, too. Using recyclable paper products is one great way to minimize mess, protect kids and pets, and boost your brand image, all in one go. If your brand is holistic, earth-centered, or health-based, you will definitely want to consider sustainable packaging options.

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