If you’ve ever had to make a big move you know how stressful planning, packing and shipping your things can be. Making sure that your items arrive to their destination in one piece can be difficult when there are so many unknown variables involved in the process. When shipping glassware, factors like clumsy movers or bumpy highways can have a big impact on delicate items. Learning how to pack up your glassware correctly can prevent any nasty surprises when you’re unboxing after your move.

To begin, you’re going to need to select some boxes. Make sure you pick at least double layer corrugated cardboard boxes because the additional layers will add stability to your package. You could also go to grocery stores and ask if they have divided boxes, which are like normal cardboard boxes but the inside is segmented into sections. The layers of cardboard will separate your items, protecting them even further. You should also take the size of the box into consideration. If you pack a big box with lots of glassware, it will become pretty heavy which increases the risk of bumps and drops. Choose medium sized boxes instead to make sure you’re using space efficiently, but not overdoing it.

Before packing your box cover the bottom with a thick layer of material. You can use Kraft paper,, sheets, newspaper or dishrags; the key to this step is making sure the layer is thick enough to cushion your glassware. If you decide to use fabric to cushion the bottom of the box it can work well, as long as you make sure it is layered enough. And if you use old newspapers for this purpose keep in mind that you’ll have to wash the glasses after they arrive at your new home because oftentimes the print can transfer onto glassware.

To wrap your items, use alternating layer of packing paper and bubble wrap. Wrap the item in a layer of paper and then one to two layers of bubble wrap and secure the wrapping with a piece of tape. If you have glasses with fragile stems like wine glasses you should always wrap the stem first, and wrap the glasses one at a time rather than in pairs. This helps to make sure that the most easily breakable part of the glass is sufficiently protected. Your most breakable glasses should be packed on top, meaning they are placed into the box last.

Now you should fill the spaces in between your items with filling, whether it is packing peanuts (loose fill) or more layers of paper. After adding extra cushioning to the top layer of your box, you are all set to seal it. It would be a good idea to try to shake the box to make sure there are no big gaps left to fill. You can choose to tape the box closed, or to place it in an entirely different and larger box, which will give it even more reinforcement. Just make sure to fill the extra space with more materials if this is your desired option.

Whether you are shipping family heirlooms or the wine glasses that you used at your wedding ceremony, it’s sure that you want your items to arrive in one piece. For all of your shipping needs you can turn to SSI Packaging Group. We are dedicated experts in packaging, specializing in personalized service. Call us at (804) 649-1111 to speak with a representative or view our products to find out more.

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