Ice bags from SSI Packaging Group will cool off the coming hot summer days and keep your customers coming back for more. Nothing is worse in the dead of summer than getting ice for an event and having the bags break or leak. As packaging specialist for over 40 years, SSI Packaging Group has searched for the best ice bags around; these bags are tough enough to prevent unexpected tears and leaks, but light enough to promote outstanding clarity. You can order them printed with unprinted.

These durable ice bags hold up to 25 lbs of ice, this is the perfect size for convenience stores, food service industry use, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. Our ice bags are made from durable LDPE-metalloncence resin that come with twist tie enclosure, drawstring enclosure, on wicket dispensers, injection-molded plastic headers or as ice bucket liners.

Call today to be ready for the hot summer rush ahead.

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Ice Bags
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