MARSH Unicorn and Unicorn II (DOD Printers)

Economical case coding solution

The Unicorn product family is a complete solution for single- and dual-line case coding. If you prefer a quick set-up with minimal technical intervention, the Unicorn is your best bet. One box contains everything you need to start the printing process today.

The MARSH Unicorn prints high-quality, single lines of code which can include product names, identification numbers, automatic production counts, and time code capabilities. All this is available at the touch of a button.

The MARSH Unicorn II can print two lines of code on your case offering all the functionalities described above.

Simple to set up and operate, the Unicorn facilitates quick installation and enhances productivity. The system includes a controller/keypad, a printhead, a power pack, a power cord, a pressurized ink bottle and brackets for mounting directly to a conveyor. The hassle-free ink bottles can be replaced quickly and conveniently, and do not require an external air supply.

Uptime Advantages:

  • Optional bulk ink supply further reduces consumable costs and extends time between ink replenishment for more efficient operation
  • Customized time, date and count codes including best before / best by date which automatically update for minimal operator interaction
  • Universal voltage and built-in language selection for global use

Broad Application Coverage:

  • Menu-driven controller to create and edit messages
  • Standalone bracket, minimizing hardware integration needs
  • Built-in photocells detect production direction and speed for simple integration
  • Quick and simple integration; out of the box and on the job in minutes

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