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    Picking the Best Packaging and Moving Supplies for Your Next Big Relocation Project

    Your big move is coming up, and you want to ensure that you carefully and safely move all your items to your new destination. Thankfully, we at SSI Packaging can help! Our team has multiple packaging and moving supplies that can make moving easier. Check out the list below to find the best boxes, protective gear, and other items to make your move simpler.

    Boxes: Always a Popular Option

    Some of the most popular packaging and moving supplies sold at SSI Packaging include boxes that can be easily built, filled, sealed, broken down, and stored after moving. We can provide many unique box options that can suit your specific moving and packaging needs, including:

    • Corrugated Boxes: These simple boxes are easy to build and can be easily sealed up along the sides with tape or other items. We provide corrugated boxes in several different sizes and at fair prices and are willing to help you choose the types that make the most sense for you.
    • Mailers: Mailers are sturdy boxes that can be used when mailing your items to a new location. They’re a good option if you plan on sending some of your items through the mail to cut back on your moving needs and investments and want to save more money on the process.
    • Small-Scale Boxes: We can also sell you smaller boxes designed for things like your paperwork, jewelry, and other smaller-scale items. They work similarly to other boxes that we provide but have smaller compartments and may be stored in other containers to make them easier to protect.

    We can help you find one or more of these box types to ensure that you get the result that makes the most sense for your needs. You may need just one type or each type listed here, depending on your overall moving needs and the scope of your moving project.

    Protection Gear: Critical for Your Packing

    Simply shoving your items into boxes without protective gear is a poor decision when moving. Our team at SSI Packaging can provide packaging and moving supplies that will keep your items safe by minimizing movement or contact in your boxes. Just a few items that you can purchase here include:

    • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap is an incredibly popular protection item because it creates an air cushion for your items that minimizes impact and keeps your boxes safe while moving. While it takes up more room than other types of protective gear, it typically provides maximum protection.
    • Packing Foam: Packing foam fits comfortably alongside multiple areas of your shipping containers and provides a cushion for your items during a move. They may not be as protective as bubble wrap for some situations but fit more easily into tighter areas and can easily expand into other regions.
    • Edge Protectors: Edge protectors are a useful way of minimizing damage around sensitive edges throughout the box. While they’re somewhat limited in scope compared to other items, they’re a great way to keep your items from moving unnecessarily during shipment.
    • Kraft Paper Wrap: This wrap can go easily around your items or boxes to keep them protected. They’re a great choice if you want to easily store multiple things in one box and want to keep them tight and close together. Wrapping them up can ensure that they don’t jostle needlessly.
    • Loose Fill: Loose-fill items, like industrial peanuts, are anti-static and void-fill items that spread easily into boxes and provide a comfortable level of protection. They’re a brilliant choice for electronics because they minimize potential static problems that may otherwise affect your shipping.

    The best thing about these protection items is that you can use them together to give your boxes the ultimate security. For example, you can mix bubble wrap and foam peanuts in your shipping containers to ensure they are secure and safe from long-term damage.

    Other Shipping Items

    The best packaging and moving supplies vary depending on your needs and may include a surprising array of different items beyond boxes or protective gear. Just a few other items that you may purchase when working with us include:

    • Envelopes or Mailers: Envelop mailers are an excellent option for smaller items and can be useful when mailing high-value items to your new destination.
    • Storage Tubes: Storage tubes help to make moving pictures, paperwork, posters, and even jewelry much simpler by providing compact and easy-to-use storage areas.
    • Labels: Labels can easily stick to various moving boxes and containers during your move and help to ensure that you know what is inside each container.
    • Stencils: Stencils can make it easier to decorate various storage containers and permanently label them, mainly when using paint.
    • Hand Trucks and Carts: When moving multiple heavy items to trucks or in your new destination, you may need hand trucks or carts to streamline this process and avoid strain.
    • Pallets: Pallets are great when shipping in large trucks because they can safely support various items and minimize unnecessary movement during the shipping process.
    • Shrink Film: Shrink film is a helpful option for many moving situations because it can adapt to items of various sizes and keep them protected on long moves.
    • Stretch Wrap: Stretch wrap can go over your sensitive items and hold them in place as you move, stretching easily over many different things.
    • Tape: Shipping tape is essential for moving and packaging because it can help seal up your boxes and other containers and ensure that they are properly protected.

    These high-quality items from SSI Packaging can streamline your relocation project and minimize complications. Just as importantly, these different items can help protect your boxes or store other items that aren’t appropriate in larger boxes, such as sensitive material or paperwork.

    Let Us Take Care of You

    If you need packaging and moving supplies for your home or business relocation, our team of experts is ready to help you! We’ll sit down with you, assess your moving situation, and find the best boxes, protection gear, and labels for your items. SSI Packaging can be your go-to online source for these materials. Remember: you can break down and store your boxes after moving for general storage.

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