Products are flying off of their digital shelves in your online store, which is a good thing! Fulfilling these orders needs to be quick because the delivery time and the condition your product arrives in is a huge factor in determining the reviews you’ll get from your buyers. A fast and efficient packaging process can help you keep costs low and your feedback rating high. Here are some strategies you can use to reduce your packaging costs.

Start buying in bulk

​Buying in bulk is a joy for most of us, not only because it’s fun to stock up on our favorite products but also for its cost saving benefits. Just like with food, packaging materials are cheaper when you buy in bulk. If you break down the math, the cost you pay per unit of shipping material is much less than it would be if you paid individually. Experts say that buying in bulk can save you anywhere from 20 to 80 percent on individual unit costs. So when you want to stock up on non-perishable items, head to a supplier to see the difference in your orders.

Embrace eco friendly packaging

Going eco friendly can mean anything from reducing the size of the boxes you use, packing items tighter and using less materials to fill your boxes. You can purchase lightweight materials that are made to be biodegradable, or simply just pack smarter and use your materials in a strategic way. Recycling your old packaging supplies can also be an environmentally friendly way to reduce costs, and help the earth (and your image) while you’re at it.

Get crafty with your labels

You have the option to order your shipping labels from fancy suppliers, but the reality is that you won’t miss out a lot on quality if you bring your process in-house. Creating your own templates is easy now with free tools online. If you aren’t feeling so confident in your design abilities, designers that specialize in label creation can be hired to complete small projects. Printing your own labels in house would reduce long term costs, and give you more flexibility with your end product.

Go frustration free

Frustration free packaging is the new trend in minimalist packaging, and for good reason. Packing things in a way that reduces unnecessary components allows you to use smaller boxes and less material.The way that modern packaging is priced to ship takes in account the size for the package times the weight of it. So the smaller your box is, the less space it takes up in carriers and the lower your overhead is as a result. And if your box is too big for your product the extra filling adds more weight to your shipment, increasing price. When selling online, your items could be shipped far and wide. Reducing the amount of materials you use can help keep costs low as they go the distance.

Standardize your process

Having a packaging protocol can streamline your process and help you get your products from the online marketplace and out the door extra-fast. If you have products that sell quickly you should make sure that they are all packaged in the same way and with the same materials. Defining what box to use and the way it should be filled will make your output speedy, gaining you those high seller ratings that you crave.

Keeping these strategies in mind as you build your online marketplace will help you to streamline your packing process for fast results at a lower cost. SSI Packaging Group can set you up with bulk products, label printers, and all the answers you need for your current projects. Our experts are dedicated to personalized service. Call us at (804) 649-1111 to speak with a representative or view our products to find out more.

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