rent marking and coding equipment

If you’re considering buying marking and coding equipment in Virginia, you already know that it’s a big decision. The largest industrial printers can cost in the thousands of dollars, but on the upside, being able to immediately produce what you need on-site might be worth the investment. On the other hand, renting a large piece of equipment can be a great way to save on maintenance costs, keep up with the latest technology, and try out a new product before committing. Here, in the first of a two-part series, we’ll highlight why you might want to rent marking and coding equipment in Richmond, VA.

Why should I rent an industrial printer?

Renting an industrial printer or coding machine is often a good decision, depending on a variety of factors.

Minimize expenses

First things first: though it might go without saying, renting is almost always the best choice if your business is currently struggling with its cashflow. If you can’t afford a big up-front payment, renting will help you get the printing solution you need without tying up your funds. You can then use that money on other resources that will help build your business (like marketing, website design, or customer service).

Enjoy greater flexibility

Renting marking and coding equipment is also a great idea for those who are uncertain of what their needs will be, or those who will only be marking and coding items in small batches. Businesses who produce small, bespoke batches of handmade items will probably not be able to offset the cost of a large industrial coding machine via profits. Renting is also a great way to meet seasonal increases in production.

Save on maintenance costs

Another big advantage of renting your printing equipment is the fact that maintenance and repair will be the responsibility of the vendor. This not only saves you time and hassle; it also makes it much easier to budget for your printing costs, since there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

Save space

If you decide to buy a marking and coding machine, you’ll need to make room for the machine itself, as well as any extra ink, toner, or spare parts that it has. When you rent the machine instead, spare materials are stored with the vendor, and delivered on an as-needed basis. That means that you can free up space in your facility, potentially speeding up your production time.

Always have the latest equipment

Technology is constantly changing. Therefore, what is considered the “best” machine on the market won’t be the latest and greatest tomorrow. If you buy your industrial printing equipment, you run the risk of paying a lot of money for an item that becomes old or obsolete in a few years. If a faster, more efficient machine comes on the market, you may wish that you had invested in this machine, instead. When you rent your equipment, you can always have access to the latest model.

Keep up with your competition

Having access to the latest marking and coding machinery has another benefit: it helps you stay competitive. By leasing your equipment, you can access sophisticated technology that might be otherwise unaffordable to a new or growing company. That means you can compete with larger, more established companies in terms of quality and output.

“Test drive” a new product

If you’re unsure if a new print system is right for you, renting it can be a great way to try it out “in the field” before committing. Renting also helps you cut down on the paperwork involved in purchasing, such as warranties, financing options, and service contracts.

Need to rent marking and coding equipment in Richmond VA?

If you’re interested in leasing marking and coding equipment in VA, give SSI Packaging a call. Our Richmond-based company has everything a small business needs to pack, mark, and ship its products. Even if you’re not in Richmond, we help customers up and down the East coast with marking and coding needs.

Our Rent-A-Coder program allows businesses to print the following on primary packaging, cases, bundles, and rolls:

  • “Best if used by” date codes
  • Lot codes
  • Alpha/numeric codes
  • 1D (linear) barcodes
  • 2D barcodes
  • Ingredient lists
  • Lumber grades
  • Brand on demand

SSI Packaging customers span a wide variety of industries and applications, including food and beverage, wire and cable, and construction. We keep our printers in peak condition, and check each one for performance before they are approved for further distribution. If you’re interested, please call (804) 649-1111 to speak to our product specialist, or email us here.

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