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This week, as a follow-up to our article, “How to Start Selling CBD Products,” we thought that we’d take some time to address one of the biggest stumbling blocks in starting a CBD company: choosing which type of product to sell. CBD is now available in a huge variety of forms, including oils, gummies, lotions, pet chews, and more. As a startup business owner, you probably don’t have the budget to diversify just yet, so the first product you choose to sell is critical to your overall success. Below is more information about many popular CBD products, and the advantages of each.

CBD supplements and gummies

These products are generally targeted towards those seeking health and wellness—yoga enthusiasts, middle-aged professionals, organic grocery shoppers, and the like. If you’ve always had an interest in health, or have a background in health which you can weave into your business story, this might be a good option to choose. However, make sure that you are careful when making claims on your product labels. Try to avoid language that indicates CBD can alleviate any symptoms or diseases, as this has not been proven and accepted by the medical community. Consider working with a law firm to ensure that everything you do is within legal bounds.

Medicated CBD topicals 

These items are CBD-infused pain treatments, like menthol rubs, roll-on balms, and lotions. The two main customers for these products will be elderly people and athletes, both groups which tend to experience consistent muscle and joint pain. Topical products tend to be easier to sell because, since they don’t enter the user’s bloodstream, they don’t raise the legal hackles that ingestible products do. This is why CBD lotions and creams are easy to find these days, even at big box stores.

CBD skin care and bath products

If you would like to market to a primarily female clientele, this is the way to go. The beauty and personal care industry is fiercely competitive. However, plenty of customers are searching for natural, vegan products containing organic plant-based materials. You can also try to diversify yourself by selling a product that isn’t commonly combined with CBD, like body scrubs, bath bombs, or bubble bath. The more creative and niche you are, the higher your chance of standing out from the crowd.

CBD food and drinks

CBD food and drink products are typically much tougher to sell. Since they enter the user’s bloodstream, the FDA regulates them more carefully. However, because these products are harder to market, they have less competition than the other items on this list. If you do your homework, you may find yourself being the only CBD food supplier in your area—which can mean big business. (Again, though, be sure to consult with a lawyer before embarking on this journey).

CBD pet products

These products are, of course, aimed at the pet owner audience. If you’re a big animal lover, and have contacts in your local pet training/boarding/grooming scene, this could be a good option. Beware, though, that most people consider their pets to be their children, and if one of your products makes an animal sick, you’ll have to contend with the wrath of an angry pet parent. Make sure that you know where every ingredient you use comes from, CBD and otherwise. Using products that are grown in the U.S. can help reduce the risk of bad batches, and can help you market the product, to boot.

Final words re: federal & state regulations  

Before we close out this post, let us take the opportunity to cover our butts—and yours! Remember that, when it comes to CBD, government regulations are in a constant state of flux. The federal government says selling CBD is legal, as long as the THC content of your products stays below 0.3%.

When it comes to the states, though, things can start to get murky. To be on the safe side, always check your check your state’s laws before you open up shop. CBD can be an enormous and profitable business, as long as you put in your due diligence!

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