5 Positive Impacts of the Pandemic on the Packaging Industry

  Without a doubt, the impacts of the COVID-19 virus have been devastating. The disease has now claimed over 1.75 million lives worldwide, 330,000 of them in the U.S. However, as we look back on this past year with respect and grief, we can also reflect on a few small positives that resulted from the […]

Understanding the 2020 Covid Vaccine Rollout

Normally, we devote our blog to information about our marking, coding, and packaging materials. But as we all know, the times we are living in are anything but “normal.” As the world waits anxiously for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, we thought we’d take a moment to address the question that’s weighing on everyone’s minds: Why […]

Post-Pandemic Manufacturing: How to Meet Today’s Demand

With the U.S. now vaccinating an astonishing 2 million people people per day, the end of the pandemic is drawing closer than ever. Even once it’s over, though, there are some parts of our world that will have changed forever. More people have now become accustomed to digital buying than ever before—and manufacturers will continue […]

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