20 Ways to Use Duct Tape While Camping

Heading to the great outdoors this summer? Don’t forget the most important, versatile tool to include in your gear bag: duct tape. After exploring duct tape’s myriad uses in our previous blog, we were inspired to dive into the more specific ways it can be used when one is braving the elements. Keep reading to […]

How to Create the Ultimate Garage Workshop

For many folks, spring is the optimum time to clean out storage spaces like closets, attics, basements, and garages. If your garage is mostly used to store things you don’t want to deal with, you may be wondering how to convert it into something more useful, like a workshop. Here’s how to create a garage […]

Top Home Improvement Jobs You Shouldn’t DIY

Spring is the season to start making some much-needed fixes around the house. However, there are some projects that even the most seasoned weekend warriors shouldn’t attempt. Below are some home improvement jobs that require the skill of a professional. Garage Door Home Repair  Garage door repair at the top of this list because it’s […]

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