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When companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses, high-quality packaging is often the first thing to go. Many business owners decide to rely on cheap boxes, tape, pallets, and interior fillers in the hopes that they’ll save on operational costs. However, cheap packaging is actually far from cost-effective. Here are four reasons why.

It incurs more damages

First, let’s discuss the obvious: Cheap packaging breaks. Thin boxes collapse, flimsy adhesive falls apart, and cheap stuffing alternatives–like shredded newspaper—doesn’t provide adequate cushioning. If the package is too large, the item is at risk for being knocked around; if it’s too small, the item won’t be safe from rough handling.

Don’t underestimate the troubles your packages undergo once they leave your hands.This National Geographic videoshows just how many steps a package goes through during the UPS shipping process—and all the tossing, throwing, bumping, and shoving it needs to withstand.

Needless to say, a damaged package means additional stress for you. Unless you want to risk the wrath of already-disappointed customers, you will have to pay for your customer’s return shipping; you will then have to either repair or replace the damage. Which leads us to…

It harms your reputation

In this day and age, customer dissatisfaction is both loud and instant. When a customer receives a dented or damaged product, he or she has instant access to a variety of review sites, and can voice his or her displeasure right in the heat of the moment, before having a chance to cool off.

Once a negative review has been posted on Yelp, Google, or Facebook, it can be screenshotted, saved, and distributed for eternity. Getting a negative review removed from these sites is either impossible, or expensive—either because you will have to pay the site directly, or pursue legal action. To save yourself the headache, it’s essential to invest in good, sturdy packaging that protects your products as well as your reputation.

It ruins your brand experience

Even if a product arrives perfectly intact, cheap and flimsy packaging can diminish the customer experience you are hopefully trying to convey. Your customers want to feel like they have purchased an item of quality, and the entire experience of opening it should facilitate that feeling. A great example—probably the best example of any brand today—is Apple, which has elevated the “unboxing” experience into an art form.

Youtube and similar sites have literally hundreds of unboxing videos wherein happy Apple customers film themselves receiving their new devices. These videos are a testament to the sheer power of clean, well-designed packaging. Remember, your product’s packaging doesn’t just exist to transport your product safely; it also exists to communicate what your brand stands for and the kind of quality your customers can expect.

It takes longer to assemble

Cheap packaging can also affect the time it takes to assemble and distribute your products. Think about it—cheap tape breaks; cheap boxes take more time and human effort to assemble. If a cheap palette collapses, your employees have to pause production to move the mess and fetch another one. By spending a little more on packaging that is of higher quality, you can actually reduce costs and increase productivity, meaning faster delivery times and happier customers.

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