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    Unlocking Excellence: The Best Inkjet Printers in North Carolina

    Are you on the hunt for the finest inkjet printers in North Carolina? Look no further! At SSI Packaging Group, we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line solutions that redefine the standards of printing technology.

    Thermal Inkjet Printer North Carolina: The Power of MPERIA™

    When it comes to thermal inkjet printing, our MPERIA™ controller platform stands out as a game-changer. It seamlessly manages multiple Matthews print technologies, including high-resolution piezo inkjet, high-resolution thermal inkjet, and drop-on-demand valve inkjet, all through a single, user-friendly interface. The MPERIA™ system is not just efficient but also scalable, allowing your business to expand without disrupting your current marking system. With an intuitive touch screen GUI and on-screen editing capabilities, MPERIA™ simplifies message creation and management, providing unparalleled efficiency for your marking system needs.

    MPERIA™ Collection

    • MPERIA™ LITE – The most compact controller in the MPERIA™ product line, the 7” MPERIA™ Lite manages one VIAjet™ printing technology. Upgrades are available, allowing for expanding functions, including the number of controlled devices. It also comes in an enclosed version.
    • MPERIA™ STANDARD – Ideal for primary, secondary, and tertiary marking and coding, the MPERIA™ Standard supports all VIAjet™ printing technologies for simultaneous print control. Upgrades enable virtually unlimited VIAjet™ devices and functionality. The 12” MPERIA™ Standard controller is also available in an enclosed version.
    • MPERIA™ HARSH ENVIRONMENT (H.E.) – Offering the same capability as the MPERIA™ Standard, the MPERIA™ Standard H.E. features a 15” touchscreen in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure, making it suitable for harsh environments.

    Continuous Inkjet Printers North Carolina: The VIAjet™ T-Series

    In our line of continuous inkjet printers, our VIAjet™ T-Series high-resolution inkjet printer systems take center stage. These cutting-edge systems represent the latest industrial inkjet technology, offering exceptional high-resolution print quality and versatility. Ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective alternative to adhesive labels and pre-printed corrugated boxes, the VIAjet™ T-Series ensures unparalleled readability. With two models – the T100 for side and vertical printing and the T100S for down and right-angle printing – these systems deliver unparalleled performance. Elevate your printing solutions with VIAjet™ T-Series for an efficient and affordable printing experience.

    Key Features of VIAjet™ T-Series:

    • Cost-Effectiveness: The VIAjet™ T-Series offers an economic advantage, with costs up to 25 times lower than adhesive labels. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their budget without compromising on print quality.
    • Versatility in Printing: Create striking 4” high images and codes with a single printhead. The flexibility to print horizontally and vertically provides enhanced adaptability to various packaging and labeling requirements.
    • Readability and Precision: Achieve bold, crisp images with minimal bleeding, making it an ideal choice for precise barcoding. The precision stitching of printheads enables a large marking area, ensuring readability and clarity in every print.
    • Advanced Control Platform: The VIAjet™ T-Series introduces a new control platform, simplifying the command of multiple printers and production lines. This user-friendly interface enhances operational efficiency and control over your printing processes.
    • Brand on Demand: Embrace the freedom to print what you want, when you want. The VIAjet™ T-Series embodies the concept of Brand on Demand, giving you the flexibility to adapt your printing to evolving needs and timelines.

    With two models available – the T100 for side and vertical printing and the T100S for down and right-angle printing – the VIAjet™ T-Series ensures unparalleled performance, making it a standout choice for businesses seeking an efficient and affordable continuous inkjet printing experience. Elevate your printing solutions with the VIAjet™ T-Series advantage and redefine the standards of your labeling and coding processes.

    Thermal Inkjet Printing North Carolina: SSI Packaging Group

    At SSI Packaging Group, we take pride in being your go-to source for thermal inkjet printing solutions in North Carolina. Our extensive range encompasses a variety of printer brands and models, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge technologies to meet your diverse printing needs. From high-resolution piezo inkjet to advanced thermal inkjet solutions, our comprehensive selection guarantees superior performance.

    Trust us for top-notch products that ensure precision, durability, and efficiency in your thermal inkjet printing processes. When it comes to inkjet printing in North Carolina, SSI Packaging Group stands as your reliable partner. Whether you’re exploring thermal inkjet printing, continuous inkjet solutions, or seeking the best printer brands and models, we’ve got you covered. Experience printing excellence with us – where greatness meets innovation!

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