As the world becomes more globalized and new technologies become mainstream, it’s certain that the shipping industry will see big transformations in the coming years. Changes in the global shipping industry have been triggered by geopolitical shifts, and new initiatives to reduce turnaround time and increase the speed of shipments are being implemented wide scale. To keep up to date with the many developments that are occurring in this industry keep an eye out for the following trends.

1) Cyber security concerns

The increasing security concerns over technological disruptions are on the rise, and pose a big risk to the shipping industry. Researchers from Pen Test Partners recently conducted a study showing that there are multitudes of ways to breach the navigations systems of freighters, potentially causing major incidents. As other industries like financial institutions fortify their cyber security practices, the shipping industry lags behind in establishing a strong defense system.

2) Big and small groups join forces

The mergers and acquisitions that have become so common within this industry ensure that shipping companies maintain strong relationships. The most efficient companies tend to benefit from these practices, stabilizing their offerings in the face of tough markets. And when companies share their assets they can operate at a lower cost, thus benefiting the end users.

3) Industry giants re-organize with Blockchain

Blockchain technology, originally created to organize digital currency in chronological order, is being applied to various industries. The functionality of this technology lets information be distributed more easily within an organization. It maintains a level of security because it is not copied when it is shared, meaning that it exists as a continuous virtual ledger. As the shipping industry continues to consolidate, this technology will be used to increase efficiency and transparency among big groups. Long gone are the days of bills and documents, the ease and efficiency of blockchain will allow for additional streamlining of the freight processes.

4) AI technology impacts transport

AI technology makes it possible to have autonomous options for freight, minimizing risks and streamlining the shipping process. As investors continue to invest in this technology, the industry can shift towards adapting their methods to accommodate smarter ships and reducing manpower. Ships and freighters can be redesigned with less focus on the human element of the processes, meaning that space and weight are distributed more efficiently.

5) Environmental focus

The sharp rise in carbon emissions and global pressure to reduce energy consumption puts energy management into clear focus for shipping companies. The industry is investing heavily in technology to try to reduce the environmental impact of each shipping process. Although this can be detrimental for costs in the short term, it is seen that many parts of the chain of logistics offer preference to companies that work to improve their environmental policies.

Shipping trends and the impact of technology on major carriers impacts us more than we might think. As big groups make moves that streamline their processes and reduce costs, we feel the benefits as end users. At SSI Packaging Group we stay up to date on all the latest packaging news, so we can be an informed resources for our clients. Contact us for the best, most affordable marking and coding solution for your specific needs at (804) 649-1111

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