Acrylic Tape

The Jet2neoS has all the features of the Jet2Neo, but it designed for smaller fonts and higher production throughput. The Jet2neoS has a smaller nozzle that is 60µ, which is perfect for extremely fine print. As a standard in the inkjet world, the Jet2neoS is a rock solid solution for you CIJ needs – parts, food and beverage, metals, plastics, packaging, and much more. Due to the smaller 60 µm nozzle size the Jet2neoS helps save on ink and solvent with every use; this reliable CIJ system can print more than 120 million characters from a single bottle of ink. Solvent consumption is decreased with the Jet2neoS by using its patented solvent recycling system that saves 50% of solvent. Plus, the system uses only 30 watts of energy, that’s about 1/3 of a 100W light bulb.

Like all LEIBINGER small character inkjet systems, the Jet2neoS utilizes the Sealrtonic nozzle seal. The Sealtronic system prevents air from entering the system and drying out the ink or the gutter. Therefore, after long shut-down periods, the Jet2neoS is ready to print within seconds.

While acrylic tape is fantastic in specific applications due to its adhesion qualities, the strength of the hold can be reduced under certain circumstances, this is because its adhesion to the corrugated areas can strengthen over time. The same qualities which increase the ease of application can also weaken given stressors in shipping and handling, however, for many applications acrylic tape is ideal due to the ease of application, limited exposure to on-going stressors, and cost of the product. Learn more about the Jet2neo and the Jet2neoS at:

(804) 808-1606