Videojet Unicorn® II large character printer provides single or dual line coding

The Videojet Unicorn® II large character inkjet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. is a complete, all-inclusive printing system for reliable and cost-effective single or dual line coding on secondary packaging, such as corrugated boxes and cases. FAlsoPre-loaded, selectable languages and printable characters increase flexibility and improve operator efficiencies by making it easy for operators to […]

Videojet 9550 – Ensures Quality Label Application the First Time

The Videojet 9550 is the easiest to use and most reliable print and apply label applicator on the market. With features like a single user interface, zero adjustments during day to day use, verification of codes prior to application, and on-screen diagnostics to see performance at a glance, there’s no wonder this industrial label applicator […]

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