Everyone has had moments popping the sheets of bubbles that are leftover from packaging. But the next time that you have some leftovers, try to resist the magnetic pull of breaking those little bubbles. There are tons of other cool uses for bubble wrap that you can take advantage of.

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Protect your windshield

Bubble wrap is a great insulator, and can be used in a variety of ways to protect things from the cold. You can tape sheets of it to the inside of your windows to contain heat during cold snaps and reduce your heating bill. In addition, bubble wrap is a great tool to keep your car windshield frost-free during the snowy winter months. You can also use bubble wrap to protect your home’s windows.

Insulate your plants

Speaking of frost prevention, you can use bubble wrap to protect plants that are too large to bring inside during harsh conditions. By cutting the bubble wrap to the appropriate size and taping around the entire plant, pot included, you can prevent freezing and keep your plants alive until springtime.

Keep your groceries cold

When things start to heat up in the spring and summer, you can use bubble wrap to keep the cold in. Wrap it tightly around your cold groceries when you have a long ways to transport them. It’s a crafty way to make sure you aren’t bringing ice-cream soup to the park picnic!

Store accessories

Bubble wrap is a great medium for holding the shape of delicate items like handbags or tall boots. It is soft enough to prevent stretching, won’t attract moths or rodents, and lasts forever. They’re a great way to preserve the freshness of your accessories when you put them in storage.

Make your travels pop

Next time you have a big adventure, take a little bubble wrap with you in your suitcase. The bubble wrap will save space in your suitcase for any souvenirs you’d like to bring back, and will protect them on the bumpy ride back to your home.

Pad your sleeping bag

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, bubble wrap can help keep you comfortable. Instead of buying an expensive sleeping pad from a camping store, use bubble wrap as a cheap alternative. You might also find other uses for bubble wrap on your trip that you hadn’t thought of. Lightweight, waterproof, and strong, bubble wrap is just a handy thing to have around during a camping trip.

Get crafty

Bubble wrap is such a tactile material that it’s no wonder kids are naturally drawn to it. Craft ideas for bubble wrap are almost endless: dip it in paint and use it to stamp patterns onto paper; make a jellyfish Halloween costume; or tape it to the floor and let kids roll toy cars over it. Next time the kids are feeling a little bit of cabin fever, grab a bit of bubble wrap and get crafty!

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