If you’ve ever had to prepare a few bags for a trip you know how stressful packing can be. You want to make sure you bring the right things, that your items are organized, and that you don’t forget anything! This confusion is amplified when you’re moving to a new place. The mess of packing and managing things during a big move can be overwhelming to some people. Hopefully these tips can help you get ready for moving day!

1) Organize beforehand

Before you begin, make a checklist of everything you might need during the move. You will want to prepare by getting a variety of materials and items to facilitate your move. To protect your things you will want protective foam, bubble wrap, loose fill, moving blankets and floor protection. It’s also important to gather a variety of boxes like wardrobe boxes, hand-hold boxes, and file boxes to suit all of your packing needs. Lastly, what goes on the outside of the box matters just as much as what you put inside. We’ve all had the experience of the bottom of a box falling out because it was not taped properly. Be sure to gather the right kinds of packing tape to prevent this from happening, and also labels and markers so that you can label your packages.

Some other techniques to organize before hand can help you save time and limit stress during your move. Create a moving file that will hold all-important documents related to the move like hotel reservations or the realtors contact information. Keep this file in a space where it will not get mixed into the things going into your moving boxes. Make sure you accurately document everything, and take this moment to capture photos of complicated electronic setups, like the back of your TV for example. This way you wont wonder how to put things back together when you’re settling into your new place.

2) Get rid of things you don’t use

This tip can be difficult to follow for the packrats among us, but it’s worth it. Take the few weeks before moving to analyze how much you use everything you own, and sell anything that you haven’t used in over a year. You can also donate unwanted clothes, shoes or electronics to donation centers to lighten your load and help others in the process.

Part of this cleansing process will also include food in the weeks leading up to your move. Try to eat up anything in the house that you don’t want to drag with you. An in the week directly before your move, don’t buy lots of perishable items. If your budget allows it, try to eat most of your meals outside of the home to reduce the amount of food that you’ll have to throw away on moving day. Take advantage of your empty fridge by defrosting it, saving you messy cleanup later on during your move.

3) Pack smart

Begin by organizing your belongings into categories; the general rule is to pack up one room at a time. This way you will find it easier to unpack and stay organized once you arrive to your new place. Another tip is to try to begin packing at least a few things a couple of weeks before hand. One box a night is much more manageable than packing the whole house during a long weekend.

Remember those materials you gathered earlier? This is when they come in handy. Having a variety of boxes on hand will help you while you pack, and you can use specific types of boxes for certain items. For example, your hand-hold boxes are ideal for the heaviest items because they are sturdy and give you a good grip. You should pack the heaviest items on the bottom of your boxes, and pay close attention to the positions of your items. Bubble wrap, kraft paper and foam will fill in any extra spaces making a snug fit for your valuables.

SSI has you covered on moving day! You can order everything you need for the big day on our site, and if you’re in a hurry you can drop by our RVA warehouse to grab what you need. Are you moving a lot of stuff? We even offer pallets of moving boxes, and we can deliver them right to your location. Call us today to speak to a packaging expert at (804) 649-1111

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